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Nobody knows why, but ever since we were born, we have all formed a vision of an imaginary world. Each of us has our own world, yet we all refer to them with a single name: My Land.

Some people have tried to chart their lands, and one of them calls the first map ever of his land [mothermap]. This map depicts a place that exists outside of our perception of reality, where time is circular and space is paradoxical. Four horizons, serving as natural boundaries, separate the land from the surrounding universe and stars. They have tried to explain the origin of the stars by joining them into a tree diagram, but this also proves futile. The universe and its stars thus remain mysterious forever.

In contrast, the land confined within the four horizons is laid out with precision. One can apply an 8x8 grid coordinate system on the land to determine its spatial arrangement. Imagine: one side of the grid is coordinated from 1 to 8, the other A to H. This system thus divides the land into 64 spatial units. Each unit, for example, D5 or C1, develops into a separate map, which has its own spatial units, and so on. The land can be gradually mapped in one’s imagination according to this procedure.

[how to pay the cow]

A therapist has been opening his therapy since the beginning of time. People believe that he never dies because every client who has gone to him will have him until the very last second of their lives.

One day, a young artist visited him. After having laid on the couch, he confessed:

-I am having a negative thought that I cannot escape from - the young man says - once I made a painting of a cow on a farm. It was a beautiful cow with a very unique pattern. Then I sold the drawing for a lunch. I was happy, but then I realized that the cow deserved to have something too. I harvested few packs of grass and went back to the farm, but the cow was already dead. Now I am feeling guilty because I think I am owing the cow something that I cannot pay anymore.
-Don’t worry young artist, drink water then you will be fine.

The young artist drinks water, then he feels good. Twenty years later, that artist goes to see the therapist again.

-Welcome back! Tell me what is on your mind.
-Another day I photographed a portrait of an old man. His face had a lot of creases that looked like a surreal landscape. Then I sold the photograph for ten ounces of gold. I was happy, but I realized that the old man deserved to have something too. I brought two ounces of gold to him, but he had already passed away. Now I am feeling guilty because I think I am owing the man something that I cannot pay anymore.
- I am sorry to hear that, but don’t worry, drink enough water then you will be fine.

Twenty years later, that artist has become old. He goes to visit the therapist again.

-Welcome old friend, what is on your mind?
-I am not feeling good again. I made a film about what was happening in my country. I filmed the culture, the history, the politics, and the people of my poor country. Then I sold the film for one hundred ounces of diamonds. I was so, so happy, but I realized that my country deserved to have something too. I brought half of the diamonds I made back to my country to contribute to it. But my country had gone through a war that had destroyed everything and killed everyone. Now I am feeling guilty because I think I am owing my country something that I cannot pay anymore.
-I am so sorry to hear that, what a tragedy. But don’t blame yourself too much. And drink a lot of water then you will be fine.

Twenty years later, the artist sees the therapist again. He is now at the very last moment of his life. The therapist says:

-It has been a lifetime, isn’t it? Just tell me, what is on your mind?
-For the last few years of my lifetime, I have made these drawings entirely from my own imagination. I have carefully avoided representing anything in this world. I have sold my drawings for everything, and I have been the richest person. I have been happy. Now in my last moment, I feel I don’t owe anything in this world but you. You have led me to who I am now. I still felt guilty because I am going to die and I can never pay you back anything anymore.
-I don’t think so - the therapist says - I will follow you to your afterlife because I also don’t owe anything to this world.

[flea farm]

Somewhere on the other side of the desert lies a row of residences made up of four identical houses. The owners of the residences are four families who have moved here eons ago. Each family consists of four members: a father, a mother, a son, and a daughter. 

Each house has a garden in the backyard, which the families use for their agricultural businesses. One family grows Cuscuta. Another, ginger. Another, frogs. And the last one, dog fleas.

The dog fleas are creatures who attune to rough landscapes. They are very difficult to capture. They don’t crawl, only hop. They hop so fast that normal eyes cannot see their trajectories. Even after they are done hopping, they blend in so well with other fleas that we cannot tell which from which. 

This family now has 224 dog fleas. To track their locations, they have built a [flea farm]. The farm is monitored by a coordinate system that consists of two perpendicular structures painted in black and white, and a cubical red tower. 

Each day the family walks around the farm. Whenever they encounter a flea, they sketch its shape on a yellow piece of paper and place it at the location of the flea. This causes the flea to hop to another place. The family observes the flea’s new location. They determine it by consulting the black-and-white structures and the red tower. Then they record the new location on the same yellow paper, turning it into a map. 

[the Wax Fortress]

Nobody knows for how long the Wax Fortress has existed, nor do they know who built it. Yet, the Yellow Army has been there for so long that everyone believes that they possess the fortress.

The Yellow Army is a strictly disciplined and hierarchically organized force that has a medium body temperature. They believe that it is their ultimate mission to inhabit the Wax Fortress because the fortress is made of wax, which has a low melting point and therefore is not suitable for any other forces that have higher body temperatures than the Yellow Army.

Different from the Yellow Army, the Pink Army is not as strictly organized, and possesses a much higher body temperature. The Pink Army always wants to overthrow the Yellow Army to seize the [Wax Fortress], even though they know this would mean the destruction of the structure. The Pink Army has always held the Yellow Army accountable for the origin of their conflict. They organize many attacks from outside, as well as plant spies and special agents inside the fortress. The Yellow Army doesn’t respond directly to these attempts; rather they defend themselves by organizing their military structures even more strictly.

Nobody knows the exact origin of the Pink Army. This is still a topic up for discussion among scholars. There are hypotheses that the Pink Army is a rebellion unit formed after a mutiny against the Yellow Army. Other hypotheses point out that the Pink Army might originate from the Southwest of the fortress, where they receive orders from the sky at A6.