Show Opening Hours, 24x16cm, inkjet print mounted on foamcore, 2022

Model of the Gallery Space at (N 21°1'26.58'';E 105°51'14.07'') with normal horizon (red), sun path on opening day (yellow) and the alternative horizon (blue), 2x1.1x1.3m, ribbons taped on foamcore painted in black, 2022

Inside the Gallery Space, 6.2x6.7x7.8m, installation with blacklight and foamcore, 2022

Islands, from ~6x6 to ~6x15cm each, acrylic on paper stuck to clay on foamcore, 2022

Periscopes One and Two, 18x25x35cm each, magnifying glasses and foamcore, 2022

Inside Periscopes One, unmeasured dimensions, live surveillance video and foamcore models, 2022

Inside Periscopes Two, unmeasured dimensions, 5-min video loop and clay models, 2022

Installation shot, 2022

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